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    February 2023 Puposcope

    February 2023 Puposcope


    The month starts with you Aries pups loving group activities. Extra time at the dog park to make new friends could be fun! Or strutting the sidewalks with a bunch of other pups (yes, you can still be in front). By the last week of the month, you’ll be ready to wind down at home cuddling with your pawrents.



    Taurus puppies are in the limelight this month! You’ll love to shine and be the one the other dogs look up to. Though you’d usually prefer to chow down and relax like the bull-dog you are, you might have to be the leader on the leash this month. Don’t worry, though—by the last week of the month you can chillax with your friends at the dog park.



    Gemini pups are all about learning new tricks this month. You may also like to go on a long drive with your pawrents! Preferably somewhere far away and different for you to explore, like the sea if you live inland, or a farm if you’re a city pup. By the last week of the month you’ll be ready to show off to your pawsee everything you’ve seen and learned.



    Ooh là là! Cancer puppies are frisky this month. So French poodle! Either that or you’re especially existential and moody. Regardless, you may be showered with toys and treats. The last week of the month will see you ready for a road trip with the pawrents.



    Leo puppies, you’ve got your tiger eyes on someone and won’t stop until they romp around with you. A full moon in your sign early in the month could find you howling! Or maybe you’re especially clingy with the pawrents? You just want someone to play with. Later in the month you may be ready for a deeper romance.



    You’ve got your nose to the grindstone this month, Virgo pups. Time to visit the vet and get that puppy checkup. Also a good time to get groomed and primped. By the end month, you may be ready to go in search of a mate.



    Libra hounds are where the party’s at this month. You are feeling so creative that you might even be having puppies! Enjoy the fun now because by the end of the month, you’ll be licking up tonic to cure that hang(dog)over.



    Scorpio pups won’t want to leave the doghouse this month. Or you may be moving into a new pad! Maybe your pawrents will give you a cushy new dog bed to sleep in. Rest up because you’ll be ready to bust out and enjoy the outdoors again by the end of the month.



    It’s a great month to refresh your skills at puppy training school, Sagittarians. You’ll love barking it up with the other pups! You may also want your pawrents to take you on extra walks around the block just so you can say hi to the neighbors. By the end of the month, you’ll be ready to stay in, curl up, and be cozy at home.



    Capricorn canines are living in luxury this month. Time for a bubble bath and caviar—or a grooming van visit and extra puppy treats. Your pawrents might indulge you. You can bark about it with your friends at the dog park during the last week of the month.



    Happy birthday Aquarian puppies born in February! You are definitely driven this month. You’re all about you! Chase everything you want at the dog park and own the consequences. By the end of the month, your pawrents will either be paying the bills for your escapades or cashing in on viral videos of your wild and crazy adventures.



    Happy birthday Pisces pups born in February! This is actually a quiet month for you. Enjoy doing nothing. Maybe you’re dreaming about adventures with your friends last month? Rest up and relax. A new moon in your sign can find you ready to reset. By the end of the month, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to rev up and go again!