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    August dog horoscopes

    August 2021 Puposcope

    August Puposcopes 2021



    The spotlight is all on you this month Aries pup! During this August, you’ll be getting a lot of attention not only from your family but from strangers too! Maybe you performed and amazing trick and it went viral on social media. Or maybe you did something very kind for someone else. Whatever it is, you’ll definitely be the talk of the town this month. Everywhere you go, people will want to stop and pet you.

    Good Days: 9,23,27

    Ruff Days: 5,18,19



    This August, all you’ll want a little bit of pampering Taurus pup. There’s nothing better than a good scrub and a brush of your hair. If your lucky, your pawrents might even give you a calming massage with that! When it’s time to clip your nails, you’ll be so relaxed you wont even feel a thing. Whether you’re at the dog spa or at home, you’ll have a very luxurious month Taurus pup.

    Good Days: 1,19,29

    Ruff Days: 3,10,15



    The warm weather outside has got you feeling energised Gemini Pup! You pawrents are bound to take you on a fun trip with them. You’ll get to run through the woods, play in fields and you might even find a big lake to jump into. Being in nature is your calling this August. Even if you can’t go anywhere grand, there’s always the garden! Playing fetch or frisbee with your family never gets dull.

    Good Days: 5,20,22

    Ruff Days: 7,12,26



    Cancer pup all you want to do this month is play, play, play! You’re in a very excitable mood which means you’ll want to spend as much time as possible with your friends. If you ask your pawrents very nicely, they’re bound to take you down to the dog park. There you can catch up with all your pals and even make new friends! But when your family says play time is over, make sure you leave without a fuss. You’ll be back soon!

    Good Days: 8,19,21

    Ruff Days: 9,13,19



    A big happy birthday to all the Leo pups born this month! During this time, you’ll find yourself becoming braver and bolder. You’re not one to shy away from anything Leo pup, but there are some things you’re a little hesitant about doing. However, this August is a great time to step out of your comfort zone! Your pawrents might take you to do some agility training, or they might have a fun choreography they’d like you to perform. Anything is possible this month Leo pup!

    Good Days: 10,13,26

    Ruff Days: 5,16,27



    Happy birthday to the early Virgo pups! This month is all about being social and making new friends. With your shining eyes and kind heart, you’re bound to be the most popular pup in town. While out on walks, make sure to greet any other dogs you see along your way. It’s a very easy way to make friends, and you’ll probably see them around a lot too! So go out there with a friendly smile.

    Good Days: 3,14,20

    Ruff Days: 1,17,25



    This August is all about family time for you Libra pup. You’ll want nothing more than to spend every minute cuddled up to your pawrents – and they’ll love it! Make sure to show your family just how much you appreciate them by giving them hugs and kisses. If anyone is feeling down, go and be with them. Your presence instantly makes everyone in the house feel happier. You have so much love to give Libra pup, don’t hold it back!

    Good Days: 4,8,22

    Ruff Days: 2,15,23



    Scorpio pup, this August is a great time for some rest and relaxation. You’ve had a very busy time recently so make sure to chill out and regain some energy. You could nap on the sofa, nap in the garden, nap in your bed. The possibilities are endless! You could even sit back and join your family for a movie night. Whatever it is you do (or don’t do), keeping relaxed is the goal. 

    Good Days: 3,10,24

    Ruff Days: 5,18,28





    All you’ll want to do this month is go outside Sagittarius pup! You’re a ball of energy this August and nothing can stop you or catch you! Put all that lively energy to use by going on a long hike with your pawrents or running laps around the dog park. Staying indoors will just have you feeling restless and agitated, so spend as much time in the garden as you possibly can.

    Good Days: 10,19,22

    Ruff Days: 7,14,28



    Who needs a superhero when your pawrents have you Gemini pup! This month you’ll be dedicated to being the most helpful pup in town. You’ve seen how hectic the house can get, and you want to do your bit to help out. Your pawrents will teach you to do all sorts of things like bringing in the newspaper of tidying up your toys. It’ll be fun to learn all these new things, so really put your heart into it!

    Good Days: 9,14,27

    Ruff Days: 8,19,29


    This August brings you something fun and exciting Aquarius pup. Maybe you’ve seen something on the TV and it’s inspired you to try something different. You’ll get to put your smarts to use and start learning some awesome new tricks. You can get on your dancing paws and learn a fun choreography with your pawrents. Or you can have a go at doing an agility course. It may be hard at first, but it’ll be super rewarding later.

    Good Days: 3,18,30

    Ruff Days: 8,17,23



    This August you’ll be in adventure mode Pisces pup. Get ready for some fun journeys with your family! You could be going on a new hiking trail, visiting a family friend, or even going somewhere out of town. These new experiences will keep you feeling happy and energised. Make sure to put your best paw forward and tackle any unknowns with a brave face. Be prepared to go a little out of your comfort zone on this adventure Pisces pup!

    Good Days: 6,13,29

    Ruff Days: 9,17,22