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    Welcome to In Pups We Trust, a unique and innovative brand that creates dog products from a pup's point of view. Our brand is all about putting dogs first, taking into account their preferences and needs when creating our products. From scents to colors, we ensure that all our products pass a healthy but hip scale.

    At the heart of our brand are our core values: happiness, healthy pets, equality for all, and creative freedom. Creating great products is essential, but doing so in a way that aligns with our values and beliefs is even more critical. This commitment to principles beyond just profits sets In Pups We Trust apart from other pet brands and makes us a leader in the industry.

    My name is Videlle, and I'm the founder and owner of In Pups We Trust. What started as a side hustle is now growing into a brand that I'm incredibly proud of. I created this brand because I wanted to build a brand that I could trust with my pup, Indo, and that you could trust with your dog, too.

    At In Pups We Trust, we create unique spins on everyday pet products, while creating much needed products. We support love, fun, and humor and use our creative outlet to express what our pups think. Our products are cruelty-free and made with the environment in mind. As a small business, we sometimes face higher production costs, but we don't mind if our products have less of a footprint and are safe for our pup family.

    We're also proud to be a black-owned business and place a special emphasis on highlighting black pet ownership and promoting inclusivity within the industry. By overcoming systemic barriers and promoting diversity, we're helping to break down stereotypes and make pet ownership accessible to all.

    Product Promise

    At In Pups We Trust, we promise that our products are created from a pup's point of view. This means they are never animal-tested, guaranteed non-toxic, and pass the rigorous inspection of our Trustee Board of Pups. We're dedicated to providing the best for your furry family members, all while being environmentally conscious. We use recyclable materials and commit to continuously evolving our practices to meet the ever-changing needs of Mother Nature, because in pups, we truly trust