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    Safe Fruits for Dogs - In Pups We Trust

    Safe Fruits for Dogs

    Dogs love fruits, just like us humans. Fruits can be uses as treats, for baking or even to help keep your pup in shape. Some picky eater might like blueberries on their food. Most provide added nutrients for dogs along with a great taste.

    Some fruits can be hazardous to and never given to your dogs, such as cherries, grapes, raisins, lemon, lime, and even grapefruits. Enough of what they can’t eat, let’s get to the yummy stuff.

    Safe Fruits for Dogs

    Apples are a perfect treat crunch and sweet. The skin is fine, but you should avoid giving them the core.

    Bananas** provide potassium and other vitamins; they are great for making baked treats at home. A little nibble here and there is ok, but they are too sweet to be used as daily treats.

    Blueberries** are loaded with antioxidants, which have has been proven to fight cancer in dogs. They also contain fiber, which can help regulate your pup.

    Cantaloupe: These are on the sweet side, but a nibble wouldn’t hurt.

    Mango seeds are a big NO-NO; they contain small amounts of cyanide, which can be harmful to your pup, plus you wouldn’t want to risk them choking. The rest is ok but ok course its sweet so just a nibble.

    Oranges are a great treat, be sure it’s peeled and has no seeds.

    Peaches remove the pit and give your pup a slice.

    Pears remove the pit and give your pup a slice.

    Strawberries are yummy and full of vitamin C. Their yumminess is from natural sugar, so they should be limited.

    Watermelons are excellent for hot days because of the high water content. Dogs like it the way we do, so be sure to remove the seeds and never give them the rind.

    The Woof:

    • Watch out for high sugared fruits
    • Always remove the pit and seed
    • Watch out for choking by supervising your dog.
    Our Top Fruit Picks:
    • Bananas for baking
    • Watermelons for a refreshing snack
    • Blueberries for the healthy benefits

    **Safe for cats. Cats don’t need fruits added to their diet, however, if you want to try treats or low-calorie alternatives fruits a

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