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    Made from a pup's point of view, In Pups We Trust is a pet brand that intentionally offers products, services, & resources dedicated to improving the overall quality of life and wellbeing for your furry family members.

    At the forefront of everything we do and offer, we're dedicated to being your pup's first choice for all their needs, wants, and fun.

    After all, our goal is simple:

    We Are Here To Serve The Pup.

    In Pups We Trust is for the people...the furry people that continuously make invaluable contributions to our family, lives, & homes.



    Here at In Pups We Trust, we make our product from a pups point of view to ensure that our treats, toys, and everything in between provide ultimate health & happiness to our furry customers- Making both pup and their human overwhelmed with satisfaction.

    To put it simply: We're here to serve your pup! 

    And we don't take our call to serve lightly.

    That's why we've appointed your pup and all pups around the world as an official member of the In Pups We Trust Board of Puptees.

    With our customers at the foundation of our decisions, we can rest assured that every action we take, product we offer, & service we provide, has the pup in mind.

    Make sure to officially induct your pup as a puptee today!