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    July 2021 Puposcope

    July 2021 Puposcope


    Aries pup you’re usually a great big ball of energy, but this month you might feel its time to wind down a little. That’s okay! Not everything can be a big adventure. Take some time to sit back and relax with your family. You can cuddle up to your pawrents and watch some TV. Even taking some naps in your bed will do you a world of good. This July you get a free pass to just relax.

    Good Days: 3,18,24

    Ruff Days: 2,9,12



    Taurus pup now is a great time to get more active. If you’ve been feeling pretty restless lately it’s time to get out there and make sure your fetch skills are still up to scratch. A trip to the dog park or a hike with your family will do you a world of good! If you’re a really good pup, your pawrents might even treat you by taking you on a little trip with them!

    Good Days: 10, 13, 29

    Ruff Days: 7, 14, 20



    Everybody loves a helpful pup! This month, be on the lookout to help whenever and wherever you can. Your pawrents will be grateful for anything you do for them, especially if they’ve been very busy recently. Things like putting stray clothes in the basket, or putting your toys back where they belong will earn you plenty of praise and rewards. It’s not only your family you can help out though. If you can do something helpful for a stranger go ahead! You’re bound to make their day.

    Good Days: 1, 8, 25

    Ruff Days: 5, 11, 17



    Happy Birthday to all the Cancer pups born in July! Your birthday is a very big deal, and your family is bound to think so too. You might just get a new toy or a big treat from your pawrents. But as fun as receiving gifts is, it’s also important to remember to make the most out of spending quality time with those you love. If your family are going out on a walk, make sure you show them you want to come too. Show them how much you love them!

    Good Days: 9, 18, 27

    Ruff Days: 4, 5, 23




    First off, a big happy birthday to all the Leo pups born in July! During this month, all eyes will be on you. Prepare yourself for double the cuddles, treats and loving. Your pawrents love a good celebration and what’s more important than your own birthday! They’re bound to throw you a big party or surprise you with a brand new toy. Remember to stay grateful and thank your family for everything they’ve done for you.

    Good Days: 8, 15, 22

    Ruff Days: 5, 12, 26



    If there’s one thing you should do this month, it’s learn a new trick! Learning is something that comes quite easily to you. With your sharp mind and clever ways, you’re bound to pick up a new trick pretty fast. Remember to stay focused and listen carefully to your pawrents instructions. Things might seem a little heard at first, but there is nothing you can’t do with a bit of practice. Don’t give up Virgo pup!

    Good Days: 5, 16, 30

    Ruff Days: 2, 17, 28



    This month you’ll be in a very playful spirit Libra pup. With the warm summer weather coming up, there’s nothing better than being outside during this part of the year. Make sure you take every chance you can get to go outside. Perhaps your family will take you out on a picnic, or a challenging hike. Even just running around in your garden playing fetch will be a great time for you.

    Good Days: 1, 17, 20

    Ruff Days: 2, 14, 21



    This month it looks like you’ll become a social butterfly Scorpio pup! While out and about, you’ll meet tonnes of other pups who’d like to be your friend. Make sure to put your best paw forward and make a good impression on everyone. Sharing your toys and including others in your games will earn you the title of friendliest pup in town!

    Good Days: 9, 16, 27

    Ruff Days: 6, 17, 19



    It’s time for you to show your family just how much they meant to you Sagittarius pup. Recently your family might have been feeling a little upset or stressed out. Remember, you’re a big comfort for your pawrents and being around you makes them feel better. If you sense someone isn’t feeling their best, then make sure to snuggle up to them and drown them in affection. Just one look at your cute self will have them smiling!

    Good Days: 7, 13, 28

    Ruff Days: 9, 19, 22



    This month is a good month to get out of your comfort zone a little. Perhaps you’re more of a relaxed pup who likes to stick to the things you know. Well, this month it’s time to get a little adventurous. Try doing something that you don’t often do! This can be going on a challenging hike, swimming or visiting a dog park. You might just find your new favourite hobby this way.

    Good Days: 6, 19, 24

    Ruff Days: 7, 14, 28



    For you Aquarius pup, this month is all about exploring the things around you. Recently you might have moved to a new environment. This can be anything from a new home to just taking a different route on your daily walks. Whatever it is, take the time to really investigate the place and suss out the best places to be. Doing a little detective work will keep you happy and busy.

    Good Days: 1, 11, 15

    Ruff Days: 3, 9, 16



    For you Pisces, play time never ends this moth! This July you are going to be the liveliest dog around town. The hot summer weather has got you all fired up and ready for action. All you want to do is run around, play with your toys and make new friends. Your pawrents will definitely have a lot of fun matching your hyper energy and bringing you on fun trips with them.

    Good Days: 8, 13, 24

    Ruff Days: 7, 19, 22