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    December Puposcope

    December Puposcope


    Get ready for a month of excitement and new things, journeys and experiences, Aries pup! This month, you will be howling at the moon with delight when you get invited on a long car ride with your family. You will experience so many exciting new sights, sounds and smells. Learning some new tricks or skills can also be in your future this month. It’s likely you’ll be rewarded with extra treats for helping your human with new skills that you’ve learned.


    Good Days: 14, 5, 10

    Ruff Days: 21, 9, 16



    Sharing can be hard for you, Taurus pup, but this month you will find out that sharing can be extra rewarding. Sharing your snacks and toys with another pup, or even the cat (What?!) will get you even more praise and attention, as well as some new friends. The word will get out about how generous you are, Taurus pup, and so well behaved! You’ll have more love and attention than you’ll know what to do with, and that’s exactly how you like it.


    Good Days: 8, 15, 25

    Ruff Days: 2, 10, 22



    You will want nothing more than to snuggle up with your closest friends this month, Gemini pup. Spending plenty of one-on-one time with those you love most will be on the top of your to-do list. Don’t fret if you find yourself alone -- panicking and making a mess will only make things worse. Instead, you can find ways to make your family happy when they get back, with plenty of cuddles and play time (your favorite). All you have to do is be your sweet self.


    Good Days: 9, 14, 18

    Ruff Days: 1, 7, 20



    You love to help take care of your family, and you’ll be looking for more ways you can help them around the house, Cancer pup. You really look up to service dogs. Lending a helping paw will be rewarding for you with extra love from new friends. Your presence is enough to help someone, because you’re so loving. You can even inspire your humans to give back, as well. You will definitely be on Santa’s list of good dogs this year!


    Good Days: 12, 16, 21

    Ruff Days: 4, 10, 23



    You’re in the mood to party, Leo pup! All you really want to do is have fun, and thankfully you’ll soon be getting some new toys to play with. You’re a ball of fun, fiery energy and you need to run around and burn it all off. Playtime is top priority for you until the end of the month, when you’ll be more likely to calm down and relax around the house with your family. Your warmth will be much appreciated!


    Good Days: 9, 13, 22

    Ruff Days: 3, 7, 16



    Staying home is just fine with you this month, cute Virgo pup. Your main priority is keeping your family company while you lie around and nap or watch movies. You want to protect your family from whatever is going on in the world outside of your territory. Walks up and down your street or sniffing around your cozy home will be enough to keep you happy during this holiday season. In fact, you’ll discover interesting new smells right in your own backyard.


    Good Days: 4, 11, 25

    Ruff Days: 7, 20, 30



    Your curiosity is off the charts this month, Libra pup! You’ll feel the need to get out and explore more than usual. Your tail will wag even harder for car rides around town, or walks with your humans to your favorite spots around town. There's a good chance you’ll meet a new friend at the dog park, who is just as friendly and curious as you. You might even end up with a reputation around town as the friendliest neighborhood pup!


    Good Days: 1, 9, 27

    Ruff Days: 5, 16, 29



    You crave the life of the pampered pooch this month, Scorpio pup. Your warm bed and your toys will give you even more comfort than usual, and you might just feel extra lazy. It’s okay to enjoy delicious food, especially this time of year, but try not to resort to begging for extras under the dinner table! A nice warm bath, a good brush-down and warm hugs from your humans are all you really need, and maybe some brand new toys!


    Good Days: 5, 13, 29

    Ruff Days: 3, 16, 22



    Happy Birthday, Sagittarius pup! All the bright lights, decorations, food, and presents around your birthday are making you feel even more excited and special this month. Sagittarius pups are the most adventurous, and one of your favorite things to do is to go running or walking through the park or the woods with your humans. The best thing your family can do for you is to take you somewhere new and exciting to celebrate your birthday. Your smiles can light up a room!


    Good Days: 4, 10, 23

    Ruff Days: 1, 13, 19



    Your focus is on your family and those you love most this month, Capricorn pup. You’ll prefer staying where it’s warm, and sharing everything with your loved ones. You won’t mind giving something up to another good boy or girl who might need it more than you do. You and your family might be feeling more charitable, so anything you don’t use can go to a needy pup. You would also make a wonderful therapy dog for those in need of comfort and love.


    Good Days: 8, 15, 25

    Ruff Days: 3, 10, 28



    You’re in the mood to get out and make new friends this month, Aquarius pup! Of course you’ll want to hang out with your usual friends at the dog park, but you know there are plenty of other pups and humans to get to know. Ask your pawrents to coordinate a playgroup of other pups to meet up at the park, and tell them to bring their friends! The more the merrier, because you love making new friends of all kinds.


    Good Days: 2, 9, 21

    Ruff Days: 5, 17, 30



    This month, Pisces pup, you will enjoy some time in the spotlight! Maybe your family took a video of you doing something hilarious or cute, and it went viral, or their recent pictures of you are getting lots of attention on social media. You’re getting recognized for being such a good pup all year long. But you probably won’t let it go to your head -- all you really care about is making your family happy. You’ll just get even more fans!


    Good Days: 4, 15, 24

    Ruff Days: 9, 18, 27

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