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    The Aquarius Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Aquarius Pup

    These pets will love other pets and people! They will be so interested in others that they will hardly give their owners any attention. They can also tend to behave in a strange manner. Their habits and behaviors are very different than other pets, and it will often confuse you. Extremely independent, they might not be too fond of too much attention. They love water so you might catch your Aquarius pet jumping into a pool and swimming!

    The Pisces Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Pisces Pup

    These are very sensitive pets. They will sense when their owner is in a bad mood and they will show them affection and try to cheer them up. Extremely attached to their owner, these pets will not do well when being adopted or re-homed. Pisces dogs can live in their own little dream world, you will sometimes find them staring into nothing thinking deeply. They also get very vivid dreams, and you will find them barking or meowing in their sleep while they dream.

    The Aries Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Aries Pup

    Aries pets are usually the Alphas. They are the self-confident leaders and the strongest With their strength comes an aggressive nature with a short temper. They tend to bark and growl when not getting their way, or when feeling threatened, and they can also get into fights with other animals as they want to show who is in charge. They are attention-seeking pets and will require lots of love and affection. A love to explore and be active and on the go will be present, and these pets will rarely rest or remain still