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    The Taurus Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Taurus Pup

    It is said that Taurus pets are the most obedient and the easiest to train; however, they do have their lazy and stubborn tendencies. They are the who will lounge on the couch all and they won’t play around and interact much. Lovers of soft surfaces, such as pillows and beds, they will refuse to sleep on a hard surface or floor. They can also be picky eaters, demanding only the best quality foods and snacks. Big lovers of routine, if you disrupt them they can get moody and grumpy. Give this pet all the comfort and luxuries you can and they will be very happy!

    The Gemini Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Gemini Pup

    These pets are big attention seekers. They will be extremely inquisitive; they are not shy at all and will seek attention from everyone! It can sometimes be difficult to get them to leave you alone. Gemini pets can be very noisy, constantly barking or meowing, reacting to the stimuli around them. They can be big wanderers, and sometimes they can wander away and get lost! Extremely playful by nature, they get stressed and bored when alone. If left alone, they can destroy furniture or try to run away. These pets will need constant stimulation and do not rest often, therefore it is advised to give them many toys to play with.


    The Cancer Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Cancer Pup

    These pets are the most emotional. They form very strong attachments to their owners and families and can present negative emotions once they are scolded or left alone. As infants, they can whine a lot, and as adults when they are upset they can also be very vocal. Such strong attachments to their owners are formed that they can become depressed if abandoned, and will never be able to forget the trauma. If they do not feel loved and appreciated and do not receive constant affection from their family it will have a negative effect on them. They can have such a big love for food that they can become overweight

    The Leo Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Leo Pup

    Leo pets love the spotlight! These are the animals that don’t mind big crowds and being paraded around at dog shows or in cute little pet outfits. These pets are the most loyal and brave, and will defend their no matter what! They are also extremely territorial and will do everything to protect their homes. You rarely see negative emotions in this pet, as they are too proud to show it. Leo pets will love to be bathed and washed as they love to be pampered! These dogs can be so proud that they will not seek out attention, and expect their owners to give it to them first! The dogs can also bark very loud, and these pets will be louder than pets of other signs.  

    The Virgo Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Virgo Pup

    Virgo pets are the cleanest pets in the zodiac. Just like Leo, they love baths and to be groomed and they will spend most of their day grooming themselves! They are not fond of bad smells so you will rarely find a Virgo pet digging in the trash or making a mess. It is best for these pets to avoid trash, old food, and unhealthy environments as they do have sensitive systems and can pick up diseases quickly. They are also lovers of routine, so they will want their meals at the same time and will go to sleep at the same times. These pets are not overly social and prefer to be alone and avoid social gatherings and crowds.