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    The Leo Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Leo Pup

    Leo pets love the spotlight! These are the animals that don’t mind big crowds and being paraded around at dog shows or in cute little pet outfits. These pets are the most loyal and brave, and will defend their no matter what! They are also extremely territorial and will do everything to protect their homes. You rarely see negative emotions in this pet, as they are too proud to show it. Leo pets will love to be bathed and washed as they love to be pampered! These dogs can be so proud that they will not seek out attention, and expect their owners to give it to them first! The dogs can also bark very loud, and these pets will be louder than pets of other signs.  

    The Virgo Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Virgo Pup

    Virgo pets are the cleanest pets in the zodiac. Just like Leo, they love baths and to be groomed and they will spend most of their day grooming themselves! They are not fond of bad smells so you will rarely find a Virgo pet digging in the trash or making a mess. It is best for these pets to avoid trash, old food, and unhealthy environments as they do have sensitive systems and can pick up diseases quickly. They are also lovers of routine, so they will want their meals at the same time and will go to sleep at the same times. These pets are not overly social and prefer to be alone and avoid social gatherings and crowds. 

    The Libra Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Libra Pup

    Like the sign Libra, animals of this sign will be very social able. It is best for your Libra pet to have another pet they will get very lonely. Do not leave a Libra pet outside, as they will keep whining until you let them back in so that they can socialize again! These animals can have very eyes and it will be difficult to scold them when they look at you with those eyes. They are the kind of pets that will seek out attention by appearing cute and cuddly. They will also be very hurt if they disappoint you.


    The Scorpio Pup: - In Pups We Trust

    The Scorpio Pup:

    Scorpio pets are very secretive! Scorpio dogs might have a pile of bones secretly hidden somewhere in the backyard, know where you hide all your snacks or they will get up to all kinds of sneaky activities without you knowing. These pets are extremely independent, and they have no problems with being alone without their owners or families for a while. I once had a friend who had a Scorpio dog who would go missing for a week at a time. She would return home and find him waiting for her all too excited at the front door. Once home, he was would shower her with love as if he never even left! To this day she still doesn't know where her Scorpio dog would go. This story explained how the Scorpio animal has such a need for independence that he would enter the world alone without the need of guidance and protection of an owner.

    The Sagittarius Pup - In Pups We Trust

    The Sagittarius Pup

    Like the other fire sign pets, these pets also crave to be the center of attention, however, Sagittarius pets will goof around to try and make you laugh, to get your attention. These pets are extremely friendly and they will rarely become aggressive. They’re fiercely loyal, and can be very attached to their owner, so much as to not even allow the owner to leave the house or be in a different room! These pets have a pack mentality, and enjoy traveling with their families, and will rarely run off or venture too far.